As I sit down to write my annual list of resolutions for contractors, I am amazed at how much things changed in 2020. Construction was going well and then, in March 2020, COVID-19 hit. At first, we thought it was going to be a disaster for the construction industry. States, cities and towns shut down projects and many applied for PPP loans. Then, something amazing happened. Construction was considered an essential service and everyone was back to work.  That said, the work world changed: companies were donating their PPE to frontline workers, COVID-19 protocols had to be followed and paperwork had to be filed. Everyone was scrambling to figure out how to comply and keep their businesses going. So, you may or may not ask, what was I, as a construction lawyer doing? I spent March and April thinking about the new risks contractors/construction companies were facing and developing contract clauses to protect the industry. I wrote a number of blog posts with clauses to add to your contra

Integrity Windows from Marvin Windows


Everyday, Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors approaches our business with one question, “How can we do it better?” From creating energy-efficient windows with a lifecycle that far outlasts the competition to ensuring we lessen our impact in all steps of manufacturing, we provide windows that make the homes we build part of a greener and brighter future.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in what our windows are made of, how we make them, and what they can do for the home

  • Ultrex takes less energy to make than vinyl and is made from silica sand - a safe and renewable resource
  • All of our plants have extensive recycling and pollution prevention programs – we log everything that we consume and waste and participate in yearly audits to ensure we are on target with our environmental goals
  • The Ultrex fiberglass used to construct Integrity windows and doors provides superior stength, heat, UV and corrosion-resistance to deliver a durable and resilient product that can far outpace other materials.
  • Low E II coated glass is standard on all of our windows – allowing us to meet Energy Star qualifications in all four zones
  • Internal standards for environmental goals that go above and beyond local, state and federal regulations
  • Annual environmental plant audits for over 15 years to ensure we are meeting or exceeding our environmental goals
  • Window packaging includes recyclable corrugated cardboard and biodegradable banding
  • Our fleet of diesel trucks contain regulators to ensure our emissions are below required levels
  • Reduced local energy consumption by utilizing our own generators during peak winter and summer days – we even burn sawdust to help heat our plants in the winter

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