As I sit down to write my annual list of resolutions for contractors, I am amazed at how much things changed in 2020. Construction was going well and then, in March 2020, COVID-19 hit. At first, we thought it was going to be a disaster for the construction industry. States, cities and towns shut down projects and many applied for PPP loans. Then, something amazing happened. Construction was considered an essential service and everyone was back to work.  That said, the work world changed: companies were donating their PPE to frontline workers, COVID-19 protocols had to be followed and paperwork had to be filed. Everyone was scrambling to figure out how to comply and keep their businesses going. So, you may or may not ask, what was I, as a construction lawyer doing? I spent March and April thinking about the new risks contractors/construction companies were facing and developing contract clauses to protect the industry. I wrote a number of blog posts with clauses to add to your contra

Seminar on the RRP Rule from the Lead and Environmental Hazards Association

LEHA is offering the following workshop on June 22 for $85.00.  Go to www.rrprule.com to register.  I will be there in the afternoon.  I am holding a seminar at my office on June 24 called , "How to Work as a Home Contractor and Stay Out of Trouble" that will cover the RRP Rule as well.H

Rule the Rule! Don't Let "it" Rule You!

A Series of One-Day Regional Workshops on the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for Local and State Public Agencies, Lead Industry Companies, RRP Training Organizations, Community Organizations and RRP Certified Contractors.

Sponsored by the Lead and Environmental Hazards Association (LEHA), the workshops will provide you with the opportunity to hear from experts in the lead poisoning prevention and hazard control fields; to network and share information with colleagues from throughout the region; to resolve operating problems; and, to clarify confusing elements of the Rule.
The EPA RRP Rule represents the most significant and far-reaching Federal lead regulation since HUD published the Lead-Safe Housing Rule over 10 years ago. How to properly implement the various components of the rule has created many issues and concerns among public agencies, community groups, contractors and property owners.

8am-9am

Program 9am-4pm

  • Learn about Best Practices!
  • Get Answers to Your Questions!
  • Examine Pending Changes to the Rule!

The Workshops

The six regionally-based workshops being presented this summer will bring clarity to the Rule, untangle differences between EPA and HUD work protocols and clearance requirements, and help with the proper implement and enforcement of the Rule.
The Workshops will examine the current status and pending changes to the rule, state adaptations of the rule, enforcement and capacity building strategies, liability and insurance issues, and compliance with the Rule’s work requirements and protocols.

Workshop Agenda (9am-4pm)
Update of the Rule
  • Q&A session on current status (EPA Officials Invited)
State Reports
  • How the states in the Region are handling the Rule
  • What are the differences between the federal rule and state adaptations
  • What reciprocity is there among the states in the Region
  • Q&A
Changes to the Rule (working lunch)
  • What changes are currently in effect
  • What changes are anticipated in the coming months and years
  • Q&A
Capacity Issues
  • What is the ratio in each state between trainers and contractors that need training
  • What more can be done to develop training capacities
  • Q&A
Strategies for Promoting and Enforcing the Rule
  • Best practices: What has been done to promote the rule to contractors and property owners
  • What is EPA doing to enforce the Rule
  • What can be done by state and local agencies and community organizations to enforce the Rule, including integration with permitting and code enforcement, and integration with existing contractor licensing programs
  • Q&A
Clarifying Technical Aspects of the Rule: An Open Q&A Session
  • Problem areas
  • Inconsistencies with State and Federal lead safe work practices
  • Liabilities and insurance Issues
Workshop Participants
Invited speakers include Regional EPA officials; state regulators; national and local lead poisoning prevention and lead hazard control organizations; lead inspection, risk assessment and remediation industry leaders; and, representatives from contracting companies, laboratories and training organizations.

Workshop Schedule and Locations

If you are making room reservations, be sure to mention that you are attending the “RRP Workshop” to receive the rates listed below.

8am-9am

Program 9am-4pm

Marlborough, MA
The Region 1 Workshop will be held on June 22, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Marlborough, MA. Room rates of $95 single/double are available up to June 7, 2010. Phone: 508.481.3000. The hotel is located at 265 Lakeside Avenue, Marlborough, MA 01752. Parking is complimentary.
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